You’ve Got Questions – We’ve Got Answers

Atwood Fire and Security has been in  business for over 50 years. Over the years we have gotten a lot of questions form clients and the general public. We have listed those questions up for you in this section. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for please call us and ask us so we can help you and others as well.

How long have we been in business?

Since 1955! We are fully licensed and experienced in a wide range of commercial and residential security systems. See About Us for our credentials.

What do we do?

We are a total integrator of security needs, specializing in commercial and residential work. We provide everything from locks, alarms, safes and surveillance cameras, to alarm monitoring, access control and high traffic doors. One call – we’ve got you covered. Begin with our Commercial starting page for fast information.

Why shouldn't my company get a half dozen vendors for our various security needs? Won't that cost less?

The lowest cost will come from doing the job right the first time, with no finger-pointing and buck-passing by a collection of vendors. With Atwood Fire & Security, you can be assured of accurate, reliable systems which we personally maintain for years to come. Our Single Security Source page gives you the details, and How We Compare adds ten more reasons why we are your best provider.

Why not locks and keys from the local hardware store?

You can get cheaper locks and keys at hardware stores than at locksmiths, but they are not the same. Plus, you may be in violation of state and local safety codes. Our professional grade locksmith products are legal, stronger, more burglar resistant, and guaranteed to give you the control you need of your authorized key-holders. See Locks for why it’s the best and least expensive solution for you.

House calls for locked doors, lost safes combinations, etc.?

Yes! Give us a call or Contact Us.

Our employees hate the “swipe cards” we now use; the cards slow down access and sometimes don’t work for several tries. Is there a better alternative?

Yes. We’ve come a long way with better technology. There are dozens of access control devices ranging from cards that you just wave at the sensor, to biometric measurement devices that scan your fingerprints, hand, face, eyes, or voice. To see the latest time-saving inventions Contact Us.

Should we consider a 1-hour or 2-hour fire rating for a new safe?

That depends a lot on your building and the risks. Surprisingly, a modern, fire-resistant building can keep a fire burning inside for longer, requiring a better safe. Give us a call. There are other considerations, such as impact resistance in a collapsing building. Come to our show room to see our Safes and learn all about the rigorous tests that are done to certify our safes before sale.

What’s your track record regarding service?

We’ve been in business since 1955 and have a simple motto: No Unhappy Customers! For us, this is a long term relationship. So, whatever it takes to bring you a security system you can depend on for years and years, you can rely on us. See How We Compare for some of the extra assurances we offer.

Our old camera system is a mess. The cameras aren't bright enough after dark and we've got piles of old security tapes that are impossible to index. What about digital or other new technologies?

You’ll be pleased to know that the days of hard-to-use and high-maintenance systems are gone. Now we have small, feature-rich cameras that see in the dark and can be controlled from a single computer. Our digital storage drives replace the old tape drives with instant, complete playbacks that are easy to locate. Check out the goodies at Surveillance Cameras.

Has business picked up since September 11?

Unfortunately, yes. That sad day made all of us realize the importance of good security. The average person is recorded 30 times per day (while shopping or driving for instance). Our business has increased, so we have trained and added more technicians. We invite you to learn a little more about who we are at About Us.

How far do you travel?

We have 7 vehicles and experts on the road who do jobs of all sizes in the Pioneer Valley, I-91 corridor from Hartford up to Brattleboro. We also do larger jobs hundreds of miles away when the client needs our expertise.

Who is Northeast Security Solutions?

That’s our new parent company! In February of 2007 Atwood Fire & Security joined with Northeast Security Solutions to be able to cover a broader area and offer additional services. Same excellent staff; more great products and service!

I see ads for “alarm monitoring” with cheap rates - Are these companies for real?

There are some very good companies out there. But some lock you into long contracts with monthly leasing costs that continue long after you could have paid to own the equipment. Some companies are like impersonal assembly lines and most won’t do the complete job of protecting your home. We do it all: Locks, Safes, Alarms, and Surveillance Cameras.

If a fire or burglar alarm is triggered at our place, what will happen next?

There are several ways to design this. You’d probably want a loud alarm right there (to wake you up, scare off the bad guys, etc.). That can also be connected to us for full-time alarm monitoring. Depending on your preferences, we would immediately dispatch police, fire, or rescue personnel, or we could immediately call you or turn on a 2-way camera/speaker to talk with you to confirm the emergency. Contact Us for details.

What about these $79 wireless security cameras I see on the Internet; are they any good?

These little devices are very clever and are fine for fun or perhaps a temporary “nanny-cam”. But they leave a lot to be desired as serious security cameras. A $79 hidden camera is a BAD idea!

I see you guys are “locksmiths”; how is that different from the key maker at the discount store?

We are licensed, trained specialists. Most normal keys can be copied by a minimum-wage clerk at a local store, no questions asked. Anyone who finds your keys could do the same thing. As security technicians, we recommend special keys which can only be copied by professionals like us, and we DO ask questions! For the full story, see Locks.

What’s the best kind of lock to buy?

That depends on what’s behind the locked door. If it’s just your garden shed tools, an inexpensive lock is fine. But if that shed is where you keep your expensive garden tractor, boat, or other hobby equipment, you’ll want better protection. Likewise for your house, of course. There, you are protecting your family, your valuables, your sentimental possessions, and your sense of safety and security. Give a call to discuss your needs.

Why should I own a safe?

Most of us don’t keep large amounts of cash at home, but what about your family jewelry, important papers, firearms, photo negatives, or even backup computer files? The loss or misuse of those can be prevented. See Safes, or call us to discover the wide range of secure, economical, and user-friendly safes available for your home.