About Atwood Fire & Security


Atwood Fire & Security is a company driven by the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction in everything we do! We are the only one-stop security company in the area offering mechanical and electronic security integration; this saves you time, money, and “buck-passing” between suppliers.

We take a unique, integrated approach to security by bringing together locks, access control, alarms, safes, camera systems and door replacement systems to enhance your security.

Why should people do business with a true “security integrator”? Most security companies do not provide all the security services and equipment you need.

For instance:

Locking, access control, and exit door hardware provide the foundation of any security system by providing a physical barrier to entry. Locks are not able to notify you when they are violated…

Alarms provide notification when these physical barriers have been violated in an unauthorized way. Alarms do not stop entry after notification…

Safes provide protection from fire and intrusion until help can arrive. Safes do not record events as they happen for evidence to the crime…

Camera systems provide monitoring of specific areas to discourage theft and they record the intrusion for evidence for prosecution.

One call to us will get the job done! We guarantee that all systems will work together and that you will be delighted with the results.

Why do we recommend high quality goods and services?

We understand the overall cost of managing and implementing security. By recommending high quality goods and services, we offer the most cost effective solution for your long term benefit.

Is your business growing? We are an involved participant with our clients by acting as their unpaid “Director of Security”!

We design, install and service card reader/proximity systems, burglar and fire alarms, camera systems, physical security hardware, safes and replacement doors. We provide the most economical solution to any security need.

Atwood Fire & Security has been providing electronic and physical security services for our clients since 1955. During that time we have expanded our service department to include fully equipped, “rapid response” service vehicles. These are staffed by security technicians who have been trained to install, service and repair the latest electronic and physical security equipment. When you work with Atwood Fire & Security you are assured you are getting the finest security products and services available.

Larger Security Facility & Showroom!

Our new building is complete with service vans and cherry picker truck, a brand new showroom, modern offices and workshops, and even some flowers planted out front!

In February of 2007, we moved from our old address at 1346 Elm Street to here at 31 Sylvan Street. We’ve got LOTS more room! Please come visit us!

Who is Northeast Security Solutions, Inc.?

That’s our new parent company! In February of 2007 Atwood Fire & Security joined with Northeast Security Solutions to be able to cover a broader area and offer additional services. Same excellent staff; more great products and service!